13cm Round plant pot (injection moulded)

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Product description

13cm round plant pot or 5 inch round plastic plant pot
Individual injection moulded plastic pots.
Rigid round pots for your young plants before planting on.
Designed with strong pot shoulders and stacking feet for easy handling.
Ideal for developing the root of young plants as an intermediate solution.
Produce by using a injection moulding method, resulting a strong flexible plastic that can be used season after season.
4 slots in the rim of the pots for labels
Comes with 19 holes at the bottom on a 2 level irrigation, providing excellent drainage.

Product details

Colour - Black (Shinny)

Manufacture Code - MCL 13K-C

External = 130x130x113mm (with lip)
Depth = 113mm

Volume - 1.00 litres