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Crocus Barr's Purple Bulbs

by PPD
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Oval petals in a beautiful vivid shade of purple form a cup shaped flower on a short fleshy stalk. Striking bright orange stamens. Often viewed as the herald of spring crocus tommasinianus varieties flower earlier than the traditional large flowering Crocus and are sometimes referred to as the 'snow crocus'. A pure delight in early spring that, if left undisturbed, will multiply year after year.

Bulb Count - 7

When to sow

August to December


February to March

Plant Size

Mature Height  - 6cm
Mature Spread - 5m
Plant Spacing - 5 cm
Annual Growth - 6 cm

What to do next

Plant crocus bulbs from September to December 5-8cm deep and 5cm apart. Can be planted under trees and shrubs in grass, in borders and containers. Plant in groups for an en-masse growth, similar to what you'd find on a woodland walk. Leave undisturbed after flowering and they will bloom year after year. Flowers late Winter to Early Spring.