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Golden Gourmet Shallot Sets

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Golden Gourmet is an RHS Award winning yellow Dutch type with much improved uniformity of size and shape. It has an excellent flavour and splitting ability. This variety of shallot is very high yielding golden brown variety with a high bolting resistance and stores well throughout winter.

Sets: 9 - 12 Sets per pack (Price 250g packs)

Planting: December to March

Harvesting: June / July

Where to Sow

Plant sets just below the surface 15-20cm apart along the row and spaced 30-45cm between the rows.

What to do Next

Harvest should follow as soon as the plants bend over, in the following three weeks, no later. Dig carefully under the plants with a fork or spade, lift the onions and hang or place in trays in a warm, dry place – a conservatory, glass house, poly tunnel or open covered area with free air movement.