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Mersley Wight Garlic Sets

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It is a classic 'silverskin' Allium Sativum type, best late winter and spring planted and
with the best keeping quality of any garlic we know – Up till June of the year
following harvest. That is 10 months. From the same collection of garlic that includes
Solent Wight, Picardy Wight and Tuscany Wight, it has outstanding vigour and is
larger and bolder than similar types. An outstanding garlic for the UK gardener.

Cloves: 6 - 10 cloves per bulb (Price per bulb)

Expected size: 50-80mm

Horticultural Group: Silverskin

Origins: Auvergne/ Provence

Planting: November to March

Harvesting: Late July

Where to Sow

Plant the cloves 20-40mm deep, 12 to 15 cm apart, in rows 30 to 45cm apart root down,
pointed end up into free draining soil. Mersley Wight will respond to 3 handfuls of
Sulphate of Potash per metre length of row worked into the ground in the month after
it emerges. Keep it watered from April through to approximately July 20th .

What to do Next

Harvest should follow as soon as the plants bend over, go "weak at the knees", in the following three weeks, no later. Dig carefully under the plants with a fork or spade,
lift the garlic and hang or place in trays in a warm, dry place – a conservatory, glass
house, poly tunnel or open covered area with free air movement.


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