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Pea 2 in 1 Seed Collection - Value Pack

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There is nothing tastier than freshly picked peas from your own garden, try these 2 easy to grow varieties

Pea early onwards - Blunt pods of dark green with good flavour, some 10 days earlier than Onward. The pods are well filled and prolific. Height 60cm.

Pea Oregon sugar pods - A tall growing mangetout type producing really large broad flat pods. For the sweetest flavour, pick when the peas are just forming in the pod. The plant will grow to a height of 100cm.

Seed Count - 40

When to sow

March to May
Where to sow
Flat bottom drill 5cm (2") deep and 10cm (4") wide.

What to do next

Space the seeds 5cm (2") apart throughout the drill, allow 60cm (24") between drills, cover with soil.

June to August