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Pea Kelvedon Wonder - Value Pack

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Many young people today have never seen a pea-pod and only recognise peas if they come out of a plastic bag!

We think this is a sad state of affairs because when grown fresh, peas are a totally different vegetable to those that are frozen. To get the sweetest flavour, peas are best cooked when picked young and cooked within 30 minutes of harvest, before the sugar has turned to starch.

Kelvedon Wonder is a very popular variety which is highly suited to successional sowing.

This variety produces heavy crops of excellent flavoured small peas and grows to a height of approximately 45cm

Seed Count - 75

When to sow

March to July
Where to sow

Flat bottom drill 5cm (2") deep and 10cm (4") wide.

What to do next

Space the seeds 5cm (2") apart throughout the drill, allow 60cm (24") between drills, cover with soil.

July to September