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We have an excellent stock level and are ready to take your order
We have an excellent stock level and are ready to take your order

Senecio Senetti - Violet Bicolour (6 Plug Plants)

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Senecio senetti, commonly known as Senetti, is a hybrid plant developed from crossing two species of Senecio: Senecio cineraria and Senecio mikanioides. The plant is popular for its striking flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months. The flowers have a daisy-like appearance and are about 2 inches in diameter. Senetti plants have a compact, bushy habit and can grow up to 45cm tall and 60cm wide.
Senetti plants are commonly used as annual plants in gardens and containers in the UK because they require winter protection. They are easy to care for and prefer well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.


Colour: Violet / Purple

Growth Habit: Upright

Pack Count: 6 Plugs

Recommended Pot Size: 15-19cm

Delivery Height: 10-12cm

Delivery information
All of our plug plants are grown by a 3rd party, they arrive to us ready for sale. The plants are grown in a biodegradable membrane and protect the roots of the plants in the early growth. Before packaging we water the plant and wrap the roots in a tissue to retain moisture, the plants are then pack in 6's in a blister pack container.

What to do next
When the plants arrive, check their condition, and remove from the packaging. Allow the plant time to recover by placing in a warm greenhouse or window in your home, if the plant requires moisture add water. After a couple of days the plant can be potted on to the next pot size allowing the plat to develop.
Remember, the plants have been grown in a warm greenhouse and will have not been exposed to temperatures below 6 degrees. Its important that the plant continues to grow in a similar environment, many plants will struggle if exposed to temperatures below Zero and will need protecting against this.