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Vegetable Collection (Easy to grow seed tape) - Value Pack

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Vegetable Collection
Carrot Early Nantes / Beetroot Detroit / Broccoli Autumn Calabrese
(Daucus carota / Beta vulgaris / Brassica oleracea var. cymosa)
Live the good life and grow your own fresh, tasty vegetables.

• Prepare the soil in your chosen planting location and remove any weeds.
• Make a shallow drill in the soil and simply roll out the tape in the groove.
• Cover with soil and water lightly, ensure the soil is kept moist.
• Sit back and wait for your plants to grow – Couldn’t be easier!
• Thin carrot & beetroot seedlings to 4" (10cm) apart and broccoli to 18" (45cm).

5 Mtrs of seed tape
(Each variety 1.67 Mtrs of tape)
Very easy to use – pre-spaced seeds (less thinning).
Tape can be cut to suit row length.
Row width: Carrot & Beetroot – 12" / 30cm
Broccoli – 24" / 60cm

Sow Date (Outdoors)
Carrot: March – April
Beetroot: April – July
Broccoli: June – July

Carrot: May – July
Beetroot: July – October
Broccoli: August – September