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Wild Flower Bluebell Seeds

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Our best known English wild flower, naturally abundant in woods and shady place.

Pack Size: 50 Seeds

When to Sow
March to May or September to November

Sow inside
In a peat compost in spring or autumn. The seeds need 4-6 weeks of cold before sowing to break their dormancy. this is best achieved by mixing the seed with damp peat in a plastic bag and storing in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Once the seeds germinate, sprinkle contents of bag into a prepared soil site.

Sow outside
In late summer/autumn in a shady, preferably wood place with plenty of leaf mould. Cover the seeds lightly and they will germinate the following spring after the action of cold and frost has worked on them.

April and May

Handy Tip
Also known as Bell Bottle, Blue Bonnets, Rink o'Bells and Wild Hyacinth.