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Introduction to the year ahead

Crimbles Allotment

Well its now the 1st of March and the sunshine is beaming through the office window, you would never have thought 10 minutes earlier the rain was hamming so hard on the roof that you thought storm Doris had finally arrived in Leeds. The quick changes in the weather is the early signs of spring and a stark reminder that we (or I) am already behind in the plan for allotment.

I have to hold my hands up, due to a new house move and garden renovations, my time at the allotment has been very limited over the last 2 years and when I showed up at last year’s annual meeting the committee were very surprised to see me. Luckily with Reg (my step father), now retired, he has taken the allotment to a new level, keeping up with the site and even winning 2nd prize competition for best kept allotment last year. So safe to say everything has been in very safe hands.

With the bar now set at 2nd place we now have to raise our game and go for first place this year, hopefully with that added bit of extra help we just might be able to pull it off.

Alex Paul (the chain saw is just for show)Eva PaulEver since I started the allotment (8/9 years ago) I’ve always tried my best to encourage my children to be involved, one of my first memories of taking Alex, my eldest (now 8), was him in his pram at 7:30 in the morning when he was about 4 months old. He continued to accompany me on a regular basis, taking full control of watering duties along with looking after the carrots and strawberries. My youngest, (Eva) is now 3, she is showing a lot of interest in the garden and growing in particular, so I’ve got a strong feeling she will be my gardening buddy for this year.

So with the team of Reg, Alex, Eva and myself now in place, the Crimbles allotment as the scene and the 1st prize in best allotment as the target, the planning can commence and the hard work is ahead of us.

I have a good feeling that this year is going to be a strong one.

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