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Plant Pots Direct - Who are We?

Plant Pots Direct – History

Jamie Paul - Owner, Plant Pots DirectThe idea for selling garden products online was developed by owner (Mr Jamie Paul) in early 2009, with his own passion for growing the main driving factor behind the growth for the business. At the very beginning the original business plan was to grow vegetable, herb and flower plug plants for personal use then sell any excess plants online using Ebay as the shop window.

As the plug plants started to sell, additional items were added to the ‘range’ to complement the plants, the first being 6, 9, 12 and 20 cell pack plant trays. As the new products started to sell the product range grew and by the end of the first year we were stocking 16 different plant pots and trays.

At the start of 2010 the business decision was made to discontinue our plug plant range and the new business name of ’Plant Pots Direct’ was adopted. At the same time we launched our own website away from Ebay and used our own marketing methods to attract new customers. 2011 saw our first relocation to larger premises enabling our product range to expand to 36 products. The year ended on a high with all trading expectations exceeded and setting the business up for 2012.

At the end of 2015 the business had grown steadily year on year with targets and expectations exceeded, we look back at how far the business has come in addition to where we see the business going over the next 2 to 3 years.

 What next for the future?

The start of the year has already seen significant changes to our business. We are constantly adding to our product range, maybe not as quickly as we would like, we believe in continuing to grow the business within our means and organic growth has been key to our success. Our seed products have seen tremendous growth (pardon the pun) so space has already been allocated to improve the range. We have identified the need for a larger selection of high volume plant pots and plants have been made to add further to the large plant pot range……


Mission statement

"......Plant Pots Direct aim to provide high quality products at affordable and competitive prices, helping keen gardeners brighten up their gardens and allotments, just like we like to do ourselves......"

Jamie Paul
Plant Pots Direct