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Free Seeds for Schools & Groups

Free Seeds for Schools & Groups

We are offering FREE packets of seeds to any Schools, Groups, Community Projects or anyone passing on the skills and joys of Gardening. There is nothing more exciting than the magic of growing your own plant, watching it develop into something you can enjoy with sight, smell, touch and taste.

How to get your seeds

Simply follow these instructions:

1. Visit our Facebook Page (here) and 'LIKE' our page.
2. Send us a message on Facebook (Message Button) with the name and address of the organisation and what seeds you would like us to send them.
3. Feel free to share the post with your friends, Family and colleagues via Facebook.

A couple of Questions & Answers they you may have:

Why are you giving away seeds?
The seeds we are offering for free have a sown by date of 2017, we can't sell the seeds anymore so we would prefer the seeds to go to good use.

Will the seeds still germinate and be safe?
The seeds will still have a very good success rate, many gardeners will still be sowing seeds long after this recommended date. The seeds are all in opened and in the original packaging.

Is the shipping Free?
We are happy to send the seeds to you free of charge.

Why do we have to 'Like' and contact you with Facebook?
We are running the promotion with Facebook to improve our Facebook profile. We like to keep our customers (and potential customers) informed with Facebook, the more people that see / share / comment on our posts the more likely the post will be a success.