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Chives Seeds

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Nothing tastes better than using your own home grown herbs in your cooking and salads.

Classic Italian Basil is the traditional Mediterranean companion for tomatoes and should be added to cooking only minutes before use to retain strength. This variety would be ideal for adding to bruschetta for that extra special gourmet treat.

Seed Count - 750

When to sow

All year round
Where to sow

Sow seeds 0.5cm (¼") deep, in small trays of compost and lightly cover the seeds with a sprinkling of compost , and place at a temperature of 15-20°C . Alternatively sow direct outside in April and May into shallow seed drills.

What to do next
Prick out seedlings individually to 7cm (3") pots, once large enough to handle. Grow on in cooler conditions , then gradually harden off plants in a cold frame before planting out after risk of frost has passed. Transplant to final positions 30cm (12in) apart or into larger containers, or grow a few in pots on a light windowsill all year round. Direct sown seedlings can be thinned to 15-30cm (6-12in) apart and harvested as required.

All year round.