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Swede Marian Seeds

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Marian Swede is a purple top variety with paler yellow flesh and a good uniform shape. This hardy winter root vegetable has good resistance to club root and mildew. Marian stores well in a frost free shed in dry sand for use throughout the winter. Swede is a firm favourite mashed with carrots or on its own with butter melted in. Delicious!

Product Part Number: 14603

Pack Size: 900 Seeds

May to June

Where to Sow
Sow direct outdoors into shallow drills 2cm (3/4in) deep and 45cm (18in) between the rows.

What to do next
Gradually thin the seedlings as they grow to a final spacing of 10-15cm (4-6in) apart. Water regularly to avoid woody roots. A very hardy vegetable so can be harvested as required.

October onwards

Some gardeners have difficulty producing good size swedes from direct sown seed. We have found that sowing seeds in modules and transplanting out once large enough is a reliable way of producing this crop.