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Aubergine Long Purple Seeds

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One of the most commonly grown varieties in the world. Medium size fruits of elongated shape, deep violet colour and good flavour. Feed as you would tomatoes. Aubergines can be easily produced in Britain, either raised in a glasshouse or plastic tunnel, in grow bags, in a sheltered sunny spot in a garden or even on a patio in a tub if sheltered from cool winds.

January to April

Out May to June

Where to Sow
Space the seeds 2cm (¾") apart in seed trays or two to a cell in modules un-der glass at 20°C. Cover seeds lightly with vermiculite or finely sieved compost.

What to do Next
As soon as two full leaves have developed, prick off seedlings into individual pots. Grow on and plant into grow-bags or large pots. Plants can be grown in containers outside in a sunny sheltered spot. Feed plants as soon as first fruits set, once a week with a high potash tomato food.

Handy Tip
Move patio plants into a cool conservatory as autumn approaches so the last fruits of the season have time to mature fully.

July to October