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Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition seeds

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First introduced over 100 years ago. Heavy cropping white seeded type with long pods of 8 or 9 beans. Good flavour and a good freezer.

Seed Count - 50

When to sow

February to April.
Where to sow

Early sowings in pots in the greenhouse or under cloches in the growing site. Later sowings direct into the growing site 5cm (2") deep in rows 45cm (18") apart.

What to do next

Glasshouse seedlings should be transplanted to the growing site in March, 10cm (4") apart in rows 45cm (18") apart. Outdoor sowings should be thinned to 10cm (4") apart, the thinnings can be transplanted to make extra rows. When the first beans form, remove the top 6cm (3") to discourage black fly.

July onwards.