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Trolley Pack 6

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Product description

Individual pressure formed trolley pack plant trays with 6 cells.
6 trolley pack units that fit four into a seed-tray (loosely) for carrying purposes.
Produced from a medium strength plastic, in practice no outer support is needed.
The upper contours of these trays ensure good strength for handling.
Each pack has rolled down edges and two-level drainage at the bottom for overhead or sub-irrigation.
They are ideal for shop & garden centre sales of high quality plants
Ideal for developing the root of young plants as an intermediate solution.
Produce by using a pressure form method, resulting a intermediate strength plastic than can be used for more than one season.
Each cell comes with 1 holes at the bottom for irrigation.

Product details

Colour - Black

Size (whole tray)
External = 223x85x65mm (with lip)

Size (Each cell)
Internal = 58x34mm (Top)
Internal = 43x12mm (Bottom)

1.2 litres (whole tray)
0.20 litres (per cell)