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Wild Flower Field & Hedge-Row Mix Seeds

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A mixture containing some of the favourite attractive flowers of Field & Hedgerow. Ideal to sow in a border or along a hedgerow. Packed in decorative full colour packets with full instructions. A similar mixture to F5. Contains 3g of seed enough for 2 sq meters.

Pack Size: 1

When to Sow
March and April

Harvest months
May to September

OF SITE Prepare a weed free seed bed as for a lawn and firm the soil SOWING. Scatter the seed thinly. (Mixing the seed with a quantity of dry sand will help to spread it more evenly). Lightly rake over the soil and roll or firm the ground. Protect form birds with a net or black cotton. Water only in very dry weather and then soak the soil thoroughly. Sow ideally in March/April or August/September. MAINTENANCE. Cut down short in the Autumn and rake off debris. Flowers will self seed and increase every year. This mixture contains 3g of seed enough for 2 sq meters. This mixture contains a selection from the following list. Minimum 10 varieties. Nettle leaved Bellflower - Betony - Meadow Buttercup - Red Campion - White Campion - Wild Carrot - Chamomile - Cowslip - Foxglove - Hawkbit - Kanpweed - Corn Marigold - Meadowsweet - Black Medick - Mullein - Muskmallow - Ox-Eyed Daisy - Hoary Plantain - Red Poppy - St Johns Wort - Scabious Selfheal - Kidney Vetch - Yarrow.