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The first visit of the year

The first visit of the year

This week on the allotment was very much all about assessing what work needs doing on the plot and planning as to where everything is going to go this year.

As the weather man had forecast the rain and cold winds came so to be very honest I wasn't keen on spending much time on the plot, Eva on the other hand was very much keen on getting down to the allotment and make a start.

The plot is in very good shape, a couple of weeds here and there but there is not much to get ready before the rush of getting the plants in the ground. All the beds needs a good dig over, maybe add a little manure / feed, but then a good rake and we'll be ready to go for the year ahead.

View across the plot
A view across the Plot, showing most of the beds for the vegetable growing.

A view across the fruit area of the plot
A view across the fruit area of the plot, showing the dormant fruit trees.

Strawberry patch
Our much loved Strawberry patch, in need of a good tidy up and a good feed.

Jamie and Eva Paul
Daddies helper for the day, Eva Paul, raring to go.

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Lisa - February 15, 2018

Your plot looks great! Such a lot of growing space…and a great helper too! Ilook forward to seeing your updates later ! Our plot looks the same …very bare but I’m busy sowing my first seeds of the season!

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